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5 Facts about Today’s Collaboration Market

Jun 8, 2016 8:00:00 AM


Collaboration is already important to many businesses. But many believe collaboration will play an even bigger role in the organizations of tomorrow.

The recently released 2016 Connected Enterprise Report by Dimension Data is full of fascinating information that both lends credence to the above and shines a spotlight on how collaboration services can be most useful in today’s organizations.

Here are five themes we picked up on:

  1. Businesses love collaboration

According to the report, nearly 90% of companies say collaboration improves teamwork. Slightly fewer—88%—believe collaboration accelerates decision making.

These statistics indicate that a vast majority of organizations understand that collaboration is a critical component of business success. We can assume both of those numbers will tick closer to 100 in the coming years.

  1. Social collaboration is increasingly important

Today, nearly one-third of organizations are using social collaboration tools across all departments. Nearly half of those surveyed expect that number to increase in 2017.

New collaboration services, like UC Exchange, are social by design. They allow users to communicate with their business partners via instant messaging, group chat, voice, or video—even if they’re on different underlying UC platforms. Employees can use whatever medium makes sense for the specific task at hand.

  1. Line-of-business managers are essential to collaboration

Those surveyed in the report overwhelmingly agree that line-of-business managers are critical to the successful execution of collaboration strategies.

Because every company’s IT department is already stretched thin, it’s always worth taking something off their plate whenever you can. Since line-of-business managers are already heavily involved in the collaboration process, it would be helpful if they could make decisions and enact change without needing to bother IT.

  1. Collaboration services need to be versatile

While most collaboration tools might work just fine inside company walls, some employees work with external business partners on a regular basis. Still, these employees need to be able to collaborate with them in real time. 

But as it stands today, one in six workers feel as though their collaborative processes haven’t improved with their partners, suppliers and clients. This needs to change. Collaboration services must connect employees with all of their business partners—including contractors and consultants.

  1. Lots of organizations don’t have collaboration strategies

Perhaps most shockingly, Dimension Data’s report revealed that nearly 40% of organizations lack a collaboration strategy altogether. If your organization finds itself in that category, take comfort in the fact you’re not alone.

We’ve established the fact collaboration is an essential component of successful businesses. So if your company hasn’t made collaboration a top priority today, it’s not too late.

When you put collaboration front and center, you get rewarded. Your business becomes incredibly more efficient. And as a result, your bottom line becomes considerably healthier.

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