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A Look Back at NextPlane's Accomplishments in 2015

Jan 12, 2016 5:40:00 PM


It’s hard to believe that 2015 has already come and gone.

At NextPlane, we believe that the end of the year serves as a fantastic opportunity to reflect. So we figured we’d take some time to briefly share the news of our accomplishments in 2015.

Indeed, the last 12 months have been extremely busy for us—but also incredibly exciting. Without further ado, let’s jump right into the highlights:

1. We launched the nCore Federation Service, empowering business users.
Having led the UC federation space since 2007, in 2015, NextPlane launched the nCore Federation Service to deliver on the promise of open federation by bringing federation and inter-company connectivity to the line of business end-users’ level. This was made possible by taking advantage of the XMPP and Microsoft implementations of open federation.

nCore is a secure business messaging service with built-in federation to thousands of companies and organizations. nCore federation can extend the reach of UC platforms by enabling their users to instantly collaborate with any external colleague on nCore—all without any UC administrator having to do any work to establish federations.

For nCore users, this translates into an open collaboration service that allows them to chat and make voice or video calls with both internal colleagues and external peers—regardless of their underlying UC platform or service (e.g., Microsoft Skype for Business and Office 365; Cisco Jabber; Broadsoft UC One; and many others solutions that are deployed in today’s enterprises).

The nCore Connections Directory makes inter-company communication super easy. When a company is listed in the Connections Directory, business users can add their colleagues to their contact lists in a matter of moments via their email addresses.

What’s more, nCore can also be used by business partners whose organizations have yet to deploy their own collaboration apps in the first place. Learn more here.

2. We became the exclusive provider of AOL AIM Federation Service.

AOL Instant Messenger (AIM) is a fairly common messaging tool among commodity and energy traders. As a result, companies in financial services, transportation, utilities and energy have relied on AOL Enterprise Services to federate their UC platforms with energy and stock traders that use AIM as their primary business messaging service within their trading platforms.

In October, NextPlane replaced AOL Enterprise Services as the exclusive provider of the AIM Federation Service. Now, thanks to NextPlane’s UC Exchange AIM Federation Service, organizations that use Microsoft Lync, IBM Sametime or Skype for Business can securely connect with their business partners who use AIM. Learn more here.

3. We launched our Voice and Video Collaboration Service.

Enunciation. Gesticulation. Posture. Inflection. So much of human communication is nonverbal, yet many workers rely on texts, emails, and instant messages to take care of their job responsibilities. Just because someone has a keyboard, however, doesn’t mean that person is a great writer. Oftentimes in text-based communications, ideas and sentiments are lost in translation. To fix this and improve professional communications, we released our new Voice and Video Collaboration Service in January. Now, UC Exchange users are able to launch secure HD-quality voice and video calls from their familiar UC clients. Thanks to our unique combination of patented UC federation, video transcoding and WebRTC technology, there’s nothing to download or install. All you have to do is click a button to collaborate. Learn more here.

4. We extended UC Exchange to support Skype for Business.

In May, we announced that NextPlane had extended UC Exchange to support Skype for Business, which is the successor to Microsoft Lync 2013. This addition allows for UC Exchange customers to connect with their colleagues who use Skype for Business, and vice versa. Coupled with NextPlane’s new Voice and Video Collaboration Service, users are now able to escalate Skype for Business chats to native voice or video calls with any federated peer who’s using any Cisco, IBM, Genband or Broadsoft platform, among others. Learn more here.

5. We earned the honor of presenting our platform at the Innovation Showcase at Enterprise Connect.

Out of 15 companies that applied, NextPlane was one of seven selected to present our approach to real-time communications, presence, UC federation and collaboration at the Innovation Showcase at Enterprise Connect, which was held in Orlando in March. We presented our UC Exchange platform, making sure to highlight our recently released Voice and Video Collaboration Service. Following our successful presentation, representatives from our company discussed our transformative technology with many eager conference attendees. Learn more here.

6. We announced new pricing plans for UC Exchange.

Off the heels of a successful promotional offer that demonstrated the fact NextPlane’s services meet critical business needs, we decided to shakeup our UC Exchange pricing plans in February. As a result, even more organizations are able to take advantage of NextPlane’s patented technology to improve operational efficiency and accelerate decision-making. Now, organizations of all sizes can easily find the plan that is best suited to their needs. For example, our Directory Plan, which is available for free, allows organizations with 50 or fewer users to establish two different federations. Once established, workers can communicate with their external business partners in real time using instant messaging and presence. Additional functionality—like voice and video collaboration—is available under different plans. Learn more here.

7. We received other awards and mentions in analyst reports.

We were pleased to receive other recognitions as well. Among them:

  • In July 2015, Frost & Sullivan recognized NextPlane with the 2015 Frost & Sullivan Global Unified Communications Federation Enabling Technology Leadership Award. The recognition was given as a result of recent research led by Robert Arnold, an analyst at Frost & Sullivan.
  • In December 2015, NextPlane was mentioned in the Gartner research note: UC: The Battle of the Megabundles Versus the Best-of-Breeds.

8. We grew our UC Exchange community.

As B2B collaboration continues to become even more popular, it’s more important than ever to provide simplicity to the federation process. To this end, we at NextPlane are constantly looking for ways to grow our community of federation-ready companies. To date, the UC Exchange community consists of 480 federation-ready members who together have established 1,023 federated domains. Each month, more than 1 billion messages are sent across our secure servers, and our community continues to grow.

What an incredible year it was, but we look forward to making 2016 even better!

In the meantime, if you have any feedback, suggestions or requests, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us right away.

From our family at NextPlane to you and yours, we hope you had a wonderful and relaxing holiday season.

Happy New Year!