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Empower Users to Communicate with External Colleagues without UC Federation

Feb 29, 2016 8:30:00 AM

messaging_appsToday, when line-of-business managers and end users need to connect with their external business partners, they use an assortment of different tools, some more ill-suited than others. This communication involves a lot of ad hoc emails and mailing lists. Some people on the team might use Hangouts, others might use text messaging. We see folks that use Skype, WhatsApp, and even private Facebook groups and Messenger. For document collaboration, end users rely on their personal Box and Dropbox accounts to get around email attachment restrictions.

There’s no shortage of communications and collaboration platforms and services end users have to toggle through over the course of the day to stay in touch with their external business partners.

There are number of reasons behind this behavior. In a majority of cases, line-of-business managers and end users are simply unaware that there is a better and more secure way to connect with external business partners, which is called UC federation.

Even in cases where parties are aware of it, end users might be cautious about asking IT to establish federations with additional partner organizations because the UC federation process is time consuming and cumbersome to say the least.

In still other instances, colleagues and peers in partner organizations are not on any business messaging platforms or services in the first place.

In order for end users to become most productive, however, it is imperative that they are able to communicate with their external business partners in real time. Now, thanks to NextPlane’s nCore, this functionality is easily achieved—and IT doesn’t even have to break a sweat to establish it.

How is that possible?

NextPlane nCore is a secure real-time business messaging service that features built-in federations to virtually all UC Exchange members. Thanks to this unique feature, users that subscribe to nCore can quickly and easily connect with your end-user community. Once connected, they can unlock the power of real-time instant messaging, presence, voice and video collaboration and file sharing—all without IT having to establish any federations.

What does nCore mean for UC admins? Short answer: their jobs become much easier.

While the actual process of UC federation takes an IT administrator just a few minutes, the workflows that many organizations implement around it are often particularly burdensome. Beyond that, there are also other complications that are outside of IT’s control. For example, partner organizations might not want to federate, they might not have a messaging service deployed in the first place or they might have other more pressing priorities.

Once IT chooses nCore as the messaging platform for all third-party organizations’ end users that wish to communicate with their end users, their jobs become much more manageable. Next time an employee asks to collaborate in real time with an external business partner, IT can simply remind them about nCore. End users can get in the habit of directing all their external colleagues to the nCore website and encouraging them to open a free account, which only takes a minute or two. nCore is a web-based service, meaning end users don’t need to download a client or ask IT to install one.

After external business partners have created their own nCore accounts, your end users simply have to add them to their UC client contact lists using their nCore IDs. Once that happens, your end users are able to interact with their colleagues as if they were on your UC platform. They can communicate via whichever medium makes the most sense for their purposes, and share files as appropriate.

In today’s fast-paced business environment, nCore empowers your employees to connect across organizational boundaries with anyone at any time—all without IT intervention. Your end users won’t have to wait forever for UC federations to be established before being able to communicate with external partners in real time. They can control their own destinies by directing all relevant external business partners to nCore.

And at the same time, your precious IT resources won’t have to spend their time handling federation requests—or maintaining those federations in the future.

The end result? A more productive workforce and a more secure work environment as your end users do not need to use an assortment of different tools to communicate across organizational lines.

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